What We Do

Lone Spruce is a photo & video production house that specializes in telling real stories with honesty, directness, and emotion.


Our Process

We understand that guiding an idea from concept to creation can be a daunting task. That’s where we come in. With nearly 20 years of combined experience, we’re here to capture the perfect moment for your editorial piece, or generate a library of content to perfectly illustrate your brand.



From your creative outline, we will work to determine the best way to tell your story. We’ll establish a rough outline for photography and video production, and determine the right crew members and gear for the job. Each story gets a tailored approach to make it unique.




This is where we set ourselves up for success, beginning with generating a storyboard. A series of visual sketches that becomes the basis of the final project.

While that’s happening, our producers will take care of securing locations, gear, crew, models, rentals and more.




It’s time to make this thing happen! All the pieces are in place, now it’s time to shoot. Whether in a crowded downtown or atop a mountain, we’ve prepared the right crew (large or small) to achieve the results that meet your vision. No shortcuts. Just hard work, lots of fun and a healthy amount of coffee.




This is where the magic happens, where we marry the storyboard to the actual footage, and create a film you can’t wait to put out into the world. We relish in refining the details of color correction, audio engineering, and obsessive editing to ensure the final product exceeds your expectations and showcases your vision.


Have a project in mind?