We Tell Stories.

Lone Spruce is a nimble powerhouse for telling real stories with honesty, directness, and emotion.

Two best friends raised in the fast paced world of photojournalism, we’ve spent years honing our craft and our creative vision.

We are visual problem solvers.


What we do.

Adapting to the Job

We are comfortable in a crowded market square or perched atop a ridge line in the Alps. We will deliver stunning work whether your vision requires monk-like patience or cutting edge filming techniques. No shortcuts. Just hard work, lots of fun and a healthy amount of coffee.

Here to help

From pre- to post-production, we map out each step of the process. We take the guesswork out of securing locations, gear, crew, models, rentals and more.

Pre Production

We have established working relationships with producers all over the country. We have the hookups required to solve those last-minute issues.

Location & Studio Work

We go where the story is, no matter where it takes us. Lone Spruce Creative will deploy the right resources to come back with the goods.

Post Production

Turning ore into gold isn’t easy. We relish refining the details with color correction, audio engineering and obsessive editing so your business or brand shines.